Dan Morley

Member Since Jun, 2007

BFI Business Furniture

10 Lanidex Center West
Parsippany, NJ 07054-2715

Office: 908-926-6157


About Dan Morley

Either having owned or manged BFI since 1984, I am now helping the new President and CEO transition the company into a Women Owned and Managed company. I no longer own the company, but am still an employee doing business development and overseeing the transition to the next generation of management and ownership.

About BFI Business Furniture

BFI sells office furniture to commercial accounts, educational institutions and healthcare providers. We represent over 250 manufacturers as well as preowned or remanufactured furniture. Our furniture solutions can be purchased, rented or leased. Our perfect client is one who is contemplating some type of real estate action; moving, expanding or even consolidating. We also provide liquidation services for outdated and obsolete furniture inventories.
No client is too small. All referrals will be followed up in a prompt, professional manner.