Eddie Solomon

Member Since Sep, 2008

Net at Work

575 8th Avenue, 10th floor
NY, NY 10018

Office: 212-997-5200

Cell: 917-628-6949


About Eddie Solomon

I am a Ukrainian born immigrant who grew up in Brooklyn. Even as a youngster, I was entrepreneurial; running businesses that allowed me to buy baseball cards and play quarter video games. I am also happily married and the father of three young men. In addition to Net at Work, I am the co-founder of Docutrend, NAW Cloud, Pixafy and Swype.

About Net at Work

Net at Work is a service based organization whose purpose is to Unleash the Power of our clients business. Our clients own businesses in the small to midsize market with revenues between $10 to $250 million. We strive to have measurable impact on revenue, profitability, and employee/client experience. We use the best in class technology solutions to help us to achieve their goals. We strive to be the virtual (fractional) CIO for our clients and perform as part of their management team. We will create a five year technology road map. Develop annual IT budgets. Manage vendors. Perform quarterly reviews. Implement projects and monitor all technology at our clients workplaces.