NJBA is not for everyone.

NJBA stresses the building of individual relationships among members through “opportunity” or “1-on-1” meetings that occur in between the monthly gatherings of all members.  These meetings allow members to:

  • Determine that a member is good at what he or she (and their company) provides in products and/or services
  • Become comfortable that they share a common set of values in operating their businesses and dealing with clients and customers
  • Develop an understanding of their counterpart’s business so that they can identify business opportunities among their colleagues, customers, vendors and friends and articulate to them why an NJBA member could be helpful in addressing a need or challenge they or their organization is facing

Relationships that are built on the founders’ unique definition of networking encompass a wide array of assistance by members for members, including:

  • Using their respective industry expertise as well as their general business experience to provide advice to each other
  • Finding new talent for each other – for example, when a member needs a new salesperson or administrative assistant, reaching into their own networks to identify and recommend qualified candidates for such positions
  • Sharing awareness of business entities that might best be avoided – for example, as a credit risk
  • Helping members who are trying to engage with a target company by making introductions to decision-makers in the target
  • Identifying opportunities to refer or recommend a member and his/her business to others in their network such as customers, vendors and colleagues

If this is the kind of environment that you would find valuable to help others and build your business, contact a member to sponsor you as a guest so you can experience NJBA for yourself.