How to Join

If you think that NJBA membership might be of interest, contact a member whom you know and ask that member to sponsor your guest invitation. The NJBA Board will confirm that the potential guest is not a competitor of an existing member.

If your interest in membership continues after attending your first meeting, the prospective member must:

  • Attend a total of three (3) monthly meetings, preferably in three sequential months
  • Meet in person (or by Zoom) with at least seven (7) current NJBA members, of which three (3) must be Board members

This process is designed to provide both the prospective member and current members with the opportunity to get to know enough about each other to make an informed decision about seeking and granting membership.

After the prospect attends his/her third meeting and having met with at least the minimum number of current members, members will share their feedback with the executive committee, which will determine if an invitation to become an NJBA member will be extended.

Once invited, the new member must pay first year dues, including a first-year administrative fee before their first meeting as a member.