Current and former NJBA members value the connections they make with other business owners, executives and senior sales professionals. Here’s what members have to say about NJBA:

  • Being a member of NJBA for 6 years has been a very positive experience. When I sought membership, I know there were talented professionals for me to associate and network with. What I also gained is a great group of people who are always looking to help each other in ways outside normal business.

    Sam Guss

  • “It’s not networking if you have to work at it” is a statement I’ve heard too many times, and I thought it was always a misguided saying. Too often would I walk out of a network session, wondering if the 1-2 hours spent was worth it, and if anyone actually listened to what I was saying, versus just pitching their services blindly in my direction. Now I understand the saying - I’ve never had to think twice about the time spent in NJBA, as it doesn’t feel like work. NJBA provides for an organically supportive environment, where individuals meet to share in their experiences, support each other and each other’s businesses, and have a fun time doing it. To say that this is the best networking group that I’ve been a part of is a major understatement.

    Rob Spitzer

  • NJBA is a great group of folks! Since I joined a few years ago, I've made solid business connections who have helped me to win business and expand my network. People in the group rely on each other's wisdom and expertise, and they always come through. Just good, professional, solid people who are there for each other.

    Jay Weiss

  • In my previous career in higher education, networking wasn't a priority. Pivoting into HR consulting, being able to build relationships with other business owners and cultivate a network to support business growth is essential. NJBA is that group for me. It's a space where we talk candidly about our business successes and challenges, and the membership base is cultivated in a way that guarantees I'm getting advice from the best minds in their respective businesses. Although we work to connect each other to potential business opportunities, there is no pressure to close business. As someone "new" to the world of networking, and a natural introvert, NJBA has been the group where I've been able to finesse my networking skills and build valuable connections in my new career. - Eric Mochnacz

    Eric Mochnacz