Harvey Ginsberg

Corporate Graphic Solutions

11 West Passaic Street
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

Office: (201) 556-0700

Cell: (201) 741-1540


About Harvey Ginsberg

Managing print can be overwhelming, and I know that far too well. That’s why my main goal is to take the stress of printing off my client’s hands. I have a talented and experienced print management team who want our customers to continually benefit from my state-of-the-art print and packaging technology. I am a trusted vendor with over 40 years of experience delivering exceptional quality that’s on-time and on-budget. Whatever my client’s print needs, I am are here to provide professional guidance, experience, and expertise that will see creative ideas brought to life.

About Corporate Graphic Solutions

Corporate Graphic Solutions is a one-stop-shop that provides all of your printing needs. CGS rapidly takes a client from idea to product through our seamless solution development process. We execute print solutions small and large scale through our diverse network of printers that we’ve built over our 40 years in the print and packaging business.
Corporate Graphic Solutions collaborates cost-effectively and delivers consistent results. We manage the coordination of all the various pieces of each printing project to free up time for your team. Our objective in every project is to exceed our client’s expectations.
We aim to serve 4 market sectors:
• Beauty, Health & Wellness
• Authors & Publishers
• Specialty Food
• Management & Business Services