Keith Parham, GPRO, O&M

Member Since Dec, 2020

United Energy Advisors, LLC

625 Broad St, Suite 240
Newark, NJ 07102

Office: 917-734-2222


About Keith Parham, GPRO, O&M

Keith Parham (aka KP) is a thoughtful, visionary problem solver. In his current role, he acts as an Energy Advisor focused on energy efficiency who partners with building owners and businesses to combat the impacts of climate change. Keith is passionate about the environment and he believes that he is saving the planet one building at a time.

Keith is the Co-Founder & Executive VP of Sales & Business Development of United Energy Advisors, a company he launched in March 2017. Keith was introduced to energy efficiency and sustainability during his 5 years at Lockheed Martin where his teams managed energy efficiency incentive programs for utilities around the country.

Prior to conducting energy audits, installing LED lighting, and upgrading HVAC systems, Keith sold voice & data networks, equipment, and network security for Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group and other large competitive carriers. He has over 30 years of experience working in the commercial & industrial, small business, and multi-family sectors.

Keith is an accredited green professional, a certified training instructor, and he is currently pursuing several energy-related professional certifications.

Keith is the father of two adult daughters, and in addition to being a dad, he loves cooking for family and friends, listening to music, attending live sports events, and live entertainment. His ultimate goal and prayer is that he measures up to God’s plan for his life.

About United Energy Advisors, LLC

United Energy Advisors was founded with a straightforward vision to implement solutions to save money, improve building efficiency, and create a cleaner environment.

United Energy Advisors serves as Construction Managers for your energy efficiency projects. We plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise energy efficiency construction projects from early development to completion. We have successfully implemented energy conservation projects in the areas of Energy Audits, LED Lighting, Controls, HVAC optimization, Mechanical, Building Energy Management Systems, and Energy Supply Procurement. Our full-service incentive administrators are adept at securing all applicable rebate incentives directly from the state or the local utility to supplement the cost or in some cases pay for your projects.

United Energy Advisors (UEA) is a firm driven by a passion to make our environment better, one green building solution at a time. Utilizing years of experience and industry leading expertise, UEA is recognized as a trusted advisor that provides a turn-key solution for our clients. Through collaboration with industry partners, we have perfected a one-stop shop system that is designed for maximum return on investment. At any level in the process, UEA’s services have been strategically designed to successfully guide our clients through their sustainability program.

For us, the excitement begins with the evolution of our clients’ outlook toward sustainability. We often encounter resistance toward changing a system that works, but once a green process is proven to be a sound and financially beneficial option, attitudes shift. This mentality shift allows UEA to offer solutions to reduce our clients’ costs and environmental impacts while generating profits.

Integrating sustainable solutions into business processes drives innovation and is a proven source of competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide our clients the advantage they need to grow their business and prosper in today’s evolving marketplace. Don’t fall short of the mark — take the next step toward a more sustainable, and profitable, future now, with United Energy Advisors helping you lead the way.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals.