Ken Drossman

Member Since Oct, 2009

Lakeview Business Consulting, LLC

52 Roosevelt Boulevard
North Caldwell, NJ 07006-4130

Office: 973-403-7605

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About Ken Drossman

I founded Lakeview Business Consulting, LLC (“LBC”) 14 years ago to work with entrepreneurial owners and their companies as a strategic and tactical “consigliere” – a consultant but also a business advisor who could be an objective confidante, a sounding board and brainstorming partner, and even an accountability partner.

In short, I help owners and their companies prepare for sale, whether or not they are planning to sell. In either circumstance, the actions for scaling a company to build revenue, profitability and value are largely the same. And there’s come a day in every owner’s life when succession, whether by sale, transfer to company management/employees or the next generation of family, will occur – building a business toward that day secures both the owner’s and the successor’s future after a transfer of control.

Prior to founding Lakeview, I worked for 18 years as CFO, COO and/or CEO in privately owned, entrepreneurial companies, ranging in size from 35 employees in 1 location to 1,800 employees in 35 offices nationwide. During this time, I had a primary role in 18 business purchase and sale transactions. Prior to running companies, I was a Partner at Grant Thornton, where I spent 14 years in the firm’s Management Advisory Services (Consulting) group working with companies like those I assist now as well as publicly-held Fortune 500 and middle market companies and professional service firms.

About Lakeview Business Consulting, LLC

Lakeview Business Consulting collaborates with entrepreneurial business owners to accomplish their business vision and boost bottom-line performance and value. Owners are in a tough, lonely position, facing issues they are often unable to discuss internally or even with family members. Lakeview provides an experienced CEO/owner who can be a confidential, objective and seasoned business adviser, sounding board and consultant to move their companies forward.

We focus on: analysis to identify opportunities, prompt, effective action, and achievement of results that strengthen business performance. Clients include manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and technology and B2B service providers. Assistance is highly tailored to the needs of the owner and company and can include bit is by no means limited to:
• Growth strategizing
• Preparing for sale
• Projecting and improving cash flow
• Projecting/planning business performance and condition: short- and long-term
• Negotiating financing with lenders
• Preparing business plans for new offerings
• Designing system flows and processes; system implementation/conversion
• General business advice, both strategic and tactical