Always Be Closing? No – Always Be Connecting!

By Ken Drossman

Ken R. Drossman, Lakeview Business Consulting LLC

With all due respect to Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, while one should “always be closing”, it’s more important in the long-term to “always be connecting.” One question I keep top of mind in all encounters with new business contacts, business associates, and colleagues is “Who do I know that this person could benefit from knowing? And vice versa?” Once I’ve identified a potential connection, I speak to both individuals and confirm their interest in being introduced to one another before closing the loop.

The opportunity to refer a prospective opportunity is often a matter of serependity and an accident of timing. But the opportunity to introduce two people in your network to one another doesn’t depend on timing or a specific need. It’s based on identification of factors such as common interests, similar target customers or markets, and complementary capabilities that will strengthen both parties.

I’ve found that people in my network appreciate the effort made to connect them to other professionals, executives and business leaders that they’ll find of value and of interest, even when there’s no immediate potential “sale” involved. Connections provide a 2-for-1 benefit to the connector because both people who are introduced are appreciative. The payback is that both of them will be reminded that you are a valuable resource and, long-term, more business opportunities will come your way.

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